Corporate social responsibility

The TELNET Group attaches great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR”. Out of conviction of his duty, he has set up a set of practices in order to respect the challenges and objectives of sustainable development and with a positive impact on society.
In this sense, the TELNET Group organizes many activities and makes a significant contribution such as sponsoring the activities of university student clubs working in the field of technology and innovation. It should be remembered that the TELNET Group has also launched and funded children’s clubs in Tunisian schools to educate children in new technologies, engineering and space sciences.
The TELNET Group has also signed an agreement with the Russian Space Agency to select, train and send the first Tunisian woman astronaut.
Recall that, the TELNET Group has made numerous contributions to support efforts to fight the Corona pandemic by donating drones equipped with thermal cameras to allow the Ministry of Health to monitor Covid patients, as well as the delivery of concentrators. oxygen and protective equipment.